Radio Foodist

Radio Foodist is a global platform of 12 Radio stations empowering not just Musicians, but podcast and stuff you won’t hear on the FM Band. Radio Foodist, Gay Ditto Radio, EDM Underground, G Empowerment Radio, Highway 42 Country, Fabulous Radio, Chef Murph Radio to name a few.

TV Foodist

TV Foodist is the video arm of the network, you can watch on the app in the Google store or on Hulu, Roku, Comcast and even Tv Foodist on your Smart TV, Computer, Tablet or even Phone

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Foodist Gazette

Foodist Gazette is the Healthy: Recipes, Articles, and Newsletters. The blog are sorted by subject, proteins, starches and meal classifications to help with Quick searching on whatever the topic.


The Foodist Networks Inc. is a global intergraded media platform of Radio, TV and Gazette. That information can be obtained by Smart Phone, Computer, Tablet and TV in 200 plus countries.

The network was designed around empowering individuals by CEO Chef K.T. Murphy AKA Chef Murph. His friends could not get there music played on the radio. Friends want to film and could not get jobs and Chef Murph was tired of having to kiss the ass of media personnel to get air time. While he was cooking at shelters and soup kitchens. He believes we all bleed red. So he made each part of the network then combined them. Each with a separate platform. Learning Film, Music, Computers, etc.

If you are a Chef, Musician, Farmer, Bartender or even an etiquettes snob you have a home here