6 Ways to Get Motivated for the New Year

6 Ways to Get Motivated for the New Year

By Chef K.T. Murphy

If we’re honest, motivation is not everything because it comes and goes. When we’re uncomfortable and suffering in some way it’s extremely hard to stay motivated and although having drive is more important, motivation does have its place. Motivation can even contribute to the drive you need to succeed. We usually become motivated by an external push which drives us to keep going and it’s a great tool for sticking to your desired goals.

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Here are 6 ways to get motivated for the New Year…

1. Find Inspiration

This is a game changer for many people because without other people inspiring us, we’d probably have no desire to become better. When someone before us accomplishes something amazing, we feel the need to do the same because we can see what comes from satisfying your desires.

YouTube, books, audio books, live interactions… these are all amazing way to become inspired. Pick someone who overcame what you intend too and you’ll soon become inspired to take action.

This leads us to number two.

2. Take Action

You will never find fulfillment until you take action. It’s really a simple concept but we make it difficult due to many reasons like…

• Fear of making the wrong move
• Complacency
• Fear of failure

These three reasons can pretty much sum up why most people do not take action. However, it’s in your best interest to overcome these obstacles.

3. Join a Group

Let’s face it, we all need people to push us and motivate/guide us. That’s not too say we should be entirely dependent on other people but most success comes from surrounding yourself with other like-minded people. This way you can plan together, reach goals and most importantly learn together.

4. Plan to Achieve

Are you fed up with how you’ve lived your life recently? Then it’s time to make a change. Make a note of the things you want to achieve and go after them. The only thing holding you back might be laziness, self-doubt, fear and many other reasons which mean. These things are only feelings and perceived by your brain as danger just so you will be comfortable. Make the decision to be uncomfortable everyday because this is the only way to grow mentally.


5. Create Better Habits

How can you create better habits for yourself?

• Write down your goals and have these goals with you all the time.
• Create a routine where you hold yourself accountable.
• Eliminate the unnecessary clutter in your life and replace them with productive tasks and goals.

Habits are absolutely crucial for success and that is why the most successful people have some form of good habits. Make it a priority to practice good habits daily.

6. Choose the Right Crowd

Now even if you choose one good friend who can motivate you, you’re doing the right thing because people who are always negative will prevent you from progressing mentally. You need to surround yourself with people who want better. A toxic environment can seriously ruin your chances at having the right mindset to achieve the necessary drive required to be better. You have to create a lasting environment.

7. Stay on Track

It takes a lot of work to stay on track but it’ll become a habit in which leads to ultimate success. There should be nothing scary about bettering yourself, and it just a few good decisions made every day to change your circumstances for the better.

Keep on the right track and you’ll achieve your New Year goals.

All the best, Good Food makes for Good Decisions.

Chef Murph


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