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Welcome to the Foodist Networks. We are in the beginning stages of our journey. What makes our network different it is about the empowerment of people. Most of our stars would not get the time of day by big networks. Empowering to empowering others. There are three basic Parts to our Network: Radio, TV, and Gazette


We have 10 Radio stations under Radio Foodist that broadcast 180 plus countries. Playing the music that FM won’t play, but what makes us most unique is that we take everyday artists on the street clubs churches arts centers and give them a place that their music can be heard. We educate them with BMI and ASCAP show them how to produce edit and market their music.

Television TV FOODIST

We have our own Television Channel TV Foodist and about 19 channels when we get done. Chefs, Farmers, Scientist. We have real educated chefs. Not just so pretty face, sex or out of control freak show. Can’t say that sorry cause we do have some shows that just meet that criteria. Currently, we are working on Comcast, Hulu Roku and Pluto TV in the future.

Magazine, Recipe/ Article Blog Foodist Gazzette

Our Gazzete and blog are interactive with recipes and cookbooks done on the networks to booklets and articles on lots of other subjects like Stress, Diets, and Positivity thinking and Change. . Just select from the over 100 different categories up on your right