What’s it all about….

Empowerment, Caring, Exposure

My friends could not get played on the radio and Tv because they did not fit into a perfect box. Screw the F ing box! I don’t have one nor do I want one! I will allow any band, musician, DJ , even book Authors in my kitchen, but they will have to cook a dish to help the homeless in my community Camden NJ and Philly Metro.

I love following great live music from Jazz to Rock, EDM to Funk, Rap to Trap, Classical to Country Rap. I have built a platform where the artist can come jam in my kitchen and promote your works worldwide in 200 plus countries to 1.5 million people per hour avg. I have 12 worldwide radio stations at RadioFoodist. and 20 Tv Stations also worldwide TvFoodist, including links to 3,500 plus news outlets. Including Chef Murph Radio and TV.

So if you want the exposure you’re going to have to cook a dish for 125-250 homeless.

That’s the rules!!!!


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